15" Jennair Modular Induction Wok - JIE4115GS

Category : Cooktops

$3,899.99 CAD


This modular induction wok gives you the ability to benefit from the speed and power of induction cooking with a design that supports a round bottom wok. The 15-inch module also features glass-touch electronic controls to complement a low-profile design that provides a minimal look or near-flush installation with your countertop.

Induction Technology

Cooks like gas, looks like electric, outperforms both. By converting cookware into the heat source, induction technology gives you fast, efficient and outstanding cooking power.

Induction Wok Element

Combines the power and efficiency of induction technology with a unique design that accommodates a round bottom wok.

Glass-Touch Electronic Controls

Intuitive controls are highly responsive to a light touch, increasing usability while making it easy to clean the cooking surface.

Additional Features

Pan Detection

A sensor detects your cookware before enabling an element. When it is removed, the element automatically switches off after 30 seconds.

True Flush Installation Option

These cooking surfaces provide the versatility to achieve a true flush installation.

Power Boost: Yes
Hot Surface Indicator Light: Yes
Downdraft Vent:No
Heating Element On Indicator Light: Yes
Digital Display: No
Configuration and Overview
Size: 15
Fuel Type:Electric Induction
Installs Over Built-In Oven: Yes
Depth: 21
Configuration and Overview
Number of Open Bays: NA
Type: Standard
Height: 1/8
Width: 15