24" Danby 1.4 Cu. Ft. Over The Range Microwave Oven in Stainless Steel - DOM014401G1

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  • 24″ Over the range large 1.4 cu ft. capacity, 1000 Watts 10 power levels​ 
  • Sensor Cooking Control Options: Potato, Pizza, Popcorn, Vegetables, Meat.Sensor measures the humidity that food releases and turns off the microwave at exactly the point when cooking or reheating is done.​ 
  • Sensor Reheat options: Reheating food and beverages​ 
  • Soften/Melt option: For Ice Cream, Cheese and Butter​ 
  • Auto Defrost Options: Defrost by Weight or Time​ 
  • Child/Control lock out option: lock the control panel by pressing STOP for 3 seconds.​ 
  • Powerful 2 speed, 300 CFM vent fan, 3-way Venting​ 
  • Large Glass Turntable​ 
  • Color: stainless steel

1.4 cu. ft. Oven Capacity

Designed for small spaces & big cooking with a 1.4 cu. ft. oven. Ideal for large casserole dishes and dinner plates.


Sensor Cook/Reheat Functions

Sensor cooking measures the moisture released by food as it is cooking to determine when it is done, eliminating the guesswork & stopping when food is ready.


Soften, Melt Function

Bakers will love this function to easily soften or melt butter, cheeses, or chocolate for their favorite recipes.



With it’s 3-way venting system you can ensure that any smoke from the range is dealt with properly. Top, Rear and re-circulating 2 speed, 300 CFM vent fan comes with pre installed charcoal filters. From time to time we get distracted and forget the food in the oven, this unit will automatically begin to vent any smoke it detects, should you forget to turn the fan on.

It’s not just a fantastic venting system, this Microwave comes loaded with features. With five built in cooking settings, Potato, Pizza, Meat, Vegetables and the classic Popcorn, you’re guaranteed to get perfectly cooked food with Danby’s Sensor cooking. The sensor detects humidity and turns off at the exact point when cooking is done. The sensor will also work for reheating food and beverages. With a soften/melt option you can get your butter just right for baking, or your ice-cream for eating. If you’re in a rush you can defrost your food based on weight or time. For some added safety this unit comes with a child lock to prevent little fingers from playing with the buttons.

Package Dimensions
Package Height21.25" , 53.98 cm
Package Depth20.25" , 51.44 cm
Package Width27.38" , 69.55 cm
Product Dimensions
Product Width23.875" , 60.64 cm
Package Weight59.30 lbs , 26.90 kg
Product Dimensions
Product Depth16.7" , 42.42 cm
Product Weight53.85 lbs , 24.43 kg
Product Dimensions
Product Height17.50" , 44.45 cm