33" Danby 7.0 Cu. Ft. Square Model Chest Freezer - DCF070A5WDB

Category : Freezers

$359.99 CAD
WAS $449.99
Sale Ends 31-01-2025

  • 5 Year Parts & Labour in Home Warranty: Industry leading warranty for peace of mind.
  • Garage Ready: Freezer can perform in temperatures from 0°F to 110°F (-17°C to 43°C).
  • Energy Star Compliant: Energy efficient to help you save money without sacrificing performance.
  • 48-hour Power Outage Protection under standard operating conditions and loaded with ¾ frozen food.
  • All-around Cooling System with D-shaped pipe for quick and efficient cooling.
  • Power-On and Compressor Indicator Light: let’s you know your freezer is powered ON and your freezer compressor is working.
  • Counter- Balanced Hinges for ease of use and to save energy.
  • Easy to clean and organize with sliding, removable basket, and rust proof aluminum inner liner.

Better cooling

New D Pipe design allows for more pipe contact surface allowing better all around cooling within the unit than traditional rounded pipes.


48 Hour Power Outage Protection

The Danby 48 hour Power Outage Protection helps your frozen food stay frozen under certain conditions. These are the ideal conditions for the best results.

The 48 hour time limit will be shorter the more often the door or lid is opened during an outage. Keep the lid closed as much as possible to prevent cool air from escaping.

Assumption is the product is at least 75% full of frozen food. The more food that is in the freezer frozen the more cold air will circulate within the unit.  Time will be shorter with lighter food load contained within. Temperature outside of the freezer 0 degrees C or lower. Where you live and the temperature there could have an impact on the length of time as well.


Open a little or open alot

Preset hinges allow for partial opening of the lid.

If you just need to reach in to grab something from the top of your unit, you’ll only need to open to the 30° setting. The lid will hold in this position allowing you to use both hands to grab what you need. This also prevents less energy usage to regulate the freezer temperature when opened and closed.



Store more of your favourite frozen foods and optimize bulk food storage with the reliable & durable Danby 7.0 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer. Easily determine if your frozen items are safely preserved with our power-on indicator light, providing a quick and convenient visual confirmation. This model is Garage Ready & with efficient compressor technology is able to maintain optimal performance at external temperatures between 0°F and -110°F (-17°C and -43°C). You’ll be saving money with this Energy Star Rated product, while our 48 hour protection prevents food spoilage in case of a power outage under standard operating conditions. The D-shaped coils are designed to tightly hug the inner walls, optimizing the freezing time, and the front-mounted drain enables hassle-free defrosting or cleaning of the freezer while minimizing any potential mess. The removable basket lets you organize contents efficiently, and the counter-balance hinges keep the lid open at any angle, providing effortless access.

Package Weight69 lbs , 31.30 kg
Product Weight60.63 lbs ,27.50 kg
Package Dimensions
Package Height34.62" , 87.93 cm
Package Depth22.69" , 57.63 cm
Package Width33.38" , 84.79 cm
Product Dimensions
Depth 21.88" , 55.58 cm
Width32.56" , 82.70 cm
Height34.13" , 86.69 cm