Endless Pools E Series Fitness Systems Swim Spa in Gray Cabinet with Treadmil - 911908309250-23

Endless Pools E Series Fitness Systems Swim Spa in Gray Cabinet with Treadmil - 911908059250-23

Endless Pools E Series Fitness Systems Swim Spa in Gray Cabinet with Treadmil - 911908309250-23

Category : Hot Tub
SKU : 911908309250-23
SKU: 911908059250-23
SKU: 911908309250-23

$111,099.99 CAD
$111,099.99 CAD
$111,099.99 CAD

15' X 94” Swim Spa with Hydrodrive™ Technology

Welcome to the VIP Lane

When ordinary doesn’t cut it, the E550 with Hydrodrive provides the ultimate aquatic fitness and swim experience. In the spirit of less is more, the E550 is unique for what it’s missing. With standing spa zones (instead of spa seating), relocated filtration and steps, and an expanded width of 94 inches, the E550 maximizes the active area. This gives you extra room for practicing the most dynamic aquatic exercises and to stretch out your swim stroke. And when your workout is done, you can enjoy the unique standing hydromassage jets for muscle rejuvenation. With the E550, nothing gets in the way of your progress.


Explore the E550

Tri-thermic Barrier System

Three-layers of insulation designed to conserve heat and enhance year-round energy efficiency.

Resistance Current

Smooth, adjustable, unparalleled – Endless Pools' exclusive current delivers for fun, all-level fitness, and exhilarating, uninterrupted swims.

Underwater Treadmill

A refreshing twist on a fitness classic! With our exclusive hydraulically powered treadmill, you can get an effective workout that's easy on your back and joints! (Optional) Learn More.

Modern Shell and Cabinet Design

The look is timeless and streamlined, so you'll be proud to make it the centerpiece for your family's wellness and recreation.

Bluetooth®-Enabled Sound System

With our easy-to-use, 8-speaker system, you can work out with your favorite music or sit back and unwind with a podcast or audiobook. (Optional) Learn More.

Extra Spacious

With a 94" width with seatless hydromassage, you have the maximum amount of room for swimming, fitness, and cool-downs.

LED Illumination

Create a magical atmosphere for nighttime swimming, hydromassage, and pool parties. (Standard feature)

Options & Accessories
Additional OptionsEndless Pools Surface Kits, Endless Pools Fit@Home® Wifi Kit & Mobile App, Gecko® In.Touch 2 & Mobile App, CoolZone®, Bluetooth®-Enabled Sound System, and 4-Tier Step
Exercise Equipment OptionsUnderwater Treadmill, Aquabike, Swim Tether, Exercise Kit, Resistance Bands, and Floor Mirror
Design Features
Hydromassage Jets23 Standing (1 large, 6 rotary, 16 mini)
Lighting System24 Multi-Color LED Points of Light and Exterior LED Light Bar
Grab Rails5, Stainless Steel
Frame14 Gauge Galvanized Steel
Cabinet ColorMocha or Gray
Acrylic Shell ColorAlpine White or Ice Gray
Current TypeEndless Pools® Original Current
Capacity2,390 gal. or 2,360 gal. w/treadmill
Weight Empty3,575 lbs. or 3,700 lbs. w/treadmill
Overall Dimensions15' L x 58" H x 94" W
Power & Maintenance
Water CareUVC + CD Ozone
Heater4,000 watt
Electrical Requirements230v/60amp, 60 Hz (includes GFCI sub-panel)