100" Napoleon Alluravision 100 Deep Depth Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace - NEFL100CHD-1

Category : Fireplace

$2,739.00 CAD



Napoleon’s Alluravision™ 100 Deep Depth linear electric fireplace allows you to see the fireplace and not the frame with its nearly frameless linear design. As a contemporary electric fireplace, the frameless modern look is just as important as its functionality. Easy to use, the plug and play installation allows this unit to be hung on the wall and turned on immediately. The Alluravision™ 100 can also be hardwired in to hide plugs. Select from four flame colours, yellow, orange, blue, and multi-coloured and with five different flame speeds, further ensure the perfect atmosphere for any space. Illuminate the firebox without flame using the NIGHT LIGHT™ to boost ambient light and create a warm glow. Add the driftwood logs for increased hearth-like elegance. Enjoy the Alluravision™ 100 all year round with separate flame and heat controls.


  • The Napoleon Alluravision™ 100 Deep Depth Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace is 17.32-inches tall, 102.69-inches wide, 5.81-inches deep (43.99 cm tall, 260.83 cm wide, 14.76 cm deep)
  • By simply plugging in to a standard 120v outlet, you can experience up to 5,000 BTU's and 1,450 Watts of power that easily warms spaces of up to 400 sq. ft.
  • When hardwired for 240v, this unit will output a robust 9,000 BTU's and 2,800 Watts that can quickly heat rooms up to 800 sq.ft.
  • The black, nearly frameless finish surrounding this modern, linear, electric fireplace creates a minimalist look that doesn't interfere with your décor, instead it enhances the fire aspect of the fireplace
  • The controls are easy to use, illuminating when you need them and dimming to hide when not in use. This ensures you have complete control without the illuminated buttons detracting from the overall look of the fireplace while you are relaxing
  • Art imitates life as the flames of this electric fireplace beautifully mimic the burning of a fire, gradually becoming brighter, modulating while it's on, and slowly going out when turned off
  • Set the perfect atmosphere, whether the intention is to relax or enhance festive feelings, the multiColoured LED ember bed has six different Colour settings to choose from: White, Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, and Green will create the perfect conditions for relaxation and enjoyment
  • Each time you experience this fireplace the encounter can be different. Adjust the brightness of the flames through four settings and Colour options including cool and inviting blue, sunny and warm yellow, traditional and lively orange, or a beautiful combination of them all, while adjusting the flame speed to ensure your space is perfected by the warm glow of your ideal fireplace
  • Large crystal clear cubes sparkle with contemporary luxury, reflecting the beautiful Colours of the flames and the ember bed lights. Further enhance the look and feel of your electric fireplace with the included beachy driftwood logs
  • This fireplace won't interrupt your cozy time while filling your home with warmth. The whisper quiet blower is barely louder than a whisper when providing heat to the room
  • Don't get up, you can operate this fireplace from the comfort of your favourite spot with the included, full feature, remote control
WARRANTY*2 Year Limited*
HEAT OUTPUT (MAX.)9,000 BTU (1,450 kW) 2,800 kW
Heat Management Options
VIEWING AREA98.50 x 11 in (250.19 x 27.94 cm)
FRAMING WIDTH100.81 in (256.06 cm)
FRAMING HEIGHT16.13 in (40.96 cm)
FRAMING DEPTH6.06 in (15.40 cm)
WIDTH102.69 in (260.83 cm)
HEIGHT17.32 in (43.99 cm)
DEPTH5.81 in (14.76 cm)